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Bae Suzy’s heart screamed, Confessed that she was not happy until she fainted because she was busy looking for money: but I’m strong

Behind her fame, Bae Suzy turns out to have a pretty touching story.
Bae Suzy admits that her struggle to survive in the harsh Korean entertainment industry is not an instant one.
Bae Suzy even had to give up many things to build her career as a top actress.
As is known, Bae Suzy is an idol who is now turning her head to become an actress.
She started her career as giving k-pop idol Miss A.
After the group disbanded, Bae Suzy tried her best to survive by trying various jobs as a model, presenter, and actress.
Her name skyrocketed after he debuted through the hit drama Dream High.
Although her acting skills were criticized, Bae Suzy showed improvement in every new drama she acted in.
Bae Suzy’s dramas such as Vagabond and Start-Up managed to become hits and are loved by drama lovers around the world.
The latest, the ANNA drama she starred in, is also predicted to be a best-selling drama this year.
But apparently, all his achievements so far are the fruit of her hard work.
Launching Kbizoom on July 2, 2022, Bae Suzy reminisced about the days when she was busy with her work schedule as an artist.
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The entertainment program “MMTG,” aired on July 1, 2022, on SBS, the former Lee Min Ho allowed fans to revisit the process of maturation as an artist.
Bae Suzy revealed that she diligently wrote practice notes even after her debut.
“Even if things get tough, try not to show it,” said Bae Suzy, quoting one of the notes she wrote.
“Think about the difficulties that other people face. Think about fans. Train like crazy (until you fall and go to the hospital).”
Bae Suzy admitted that she put all her energy and mind into training to become a perfect idol and actress.
“I trained harder when I was younger,” she said.
“I practiced more because compared to others, I debuted with a shorter training period,” said Bae Suzy.
Thanks to her hard work, Bae Suzy won the 2010 MAMA’s Rookie Award as a singer and Best New Actress at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards for the drama Dream High’, the 2012 KBS Entertainment Award for ‘Invincible Youth 2′, and the Baeksang Arts Awards for the film’ Architecture. 101′.
Even though she has won many prestigious trophies, Bae Suzy admits that she cannot enjoy happiness in her life.
She feels her time has been used to work and earn money.
“I didn’t feel anything at that time. I was too busy,” said Lee Jong Suk’s former co-star.
“I didn’t have enough time to feel the full joy of life. I don’t think I knew how great it was,” she continued.
This melodious voice actress also rejects the notion that she was born a talented person.
She admitted that all the talents and achievements the public has seen so far are the result of his hard work.
As a top artist, Bae Suzy also said that she has always wholeheartedly carried out her work in the entertainment world.
“I don’t like to play games and do things half-heartedly. I’m a person who can’t sit still,” she explained.
Seeing how busy her schedule was, Bae Suzy admitted that she was tired and fainted from being too busy at work and staying up late.
“I fainted once from being too busy at work.” “But I think that I am strong,” she said.



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