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Bae Suzy’s Viral Sudden Ties Her Hair While In Public, The Reason Is Unexpected!

Bae Suzy is often dubbed the South Korean goddess of beauty. Since her debut in the entertainment world began, Suzy’s beauty has stolen her attention.
Suzy is also believed to have not done plastic surgery on her face at all. This is evidenced by Bae Suzy’s childhood photos which are no different from her present face. The beauty of the face of the former JYP Entertainment artist is undeniably supporting her career in the entertainment world. She is successful as a Korean singer and actress.
Although she initially debuted as an idol with the group Miss A, Suzy has now successfully built her career in acting. The 27-year-old actress has starred in many popular Korean dramas.
But her name skyrocketed in the international arena after starring in the drama ‘Start-Up’. Thanks to her popularity, Suzy is selling well with big brands to work with. Suzy’s strength in promoting a brand is known to be very influential.
Besides that, the trivial behaviour of the drama ‘Vagabond’ is often viral on social media. One of them was when Suzy tied her hair in a public place.
The incident occurred in 2019 when Suzy had just arrived at Incheon Airport. At that time, Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriend was about to go to France to attend Paris Fashion Week. Suzy looks cute and simple with the DIOR brand outfit. She wore a white hoodie combined with a long red skirt.
When getting out of the car, Suzy seemed to tie her long hair. Suddenly it immediately stole the attention of the media crew and immortalized it in shots. Just because she tied her hair up, Suzy suddenly became the subject of public discussion on online forums.
Suzy’s charm is considered very radiating even though she only has her hair in a ponytail. “Wow, she’s even very beautiful even though she just puts her hair in a ponytail,” netizens.
“She is very charming; that’s why many like him,” concluded the netizen.
Suzy tied her hair because the Dior brand on her back was not covered with her long hair.
As a brand ambassador, Suzy’s action certainly benefits Dior. Netizens were also busy praising Suzy’s totality in advertising Dior in public places.
“Advertisers must like it. Her behaviour is not artificial; it looks beautiful,” praised netizens.
“That’s why Suzy is the top advertising model. She is famous and professional. Advertisers love her,” concluded the netizen.



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