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Beating Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Young Ae was chosen as the actress of the year

On December 24, Cine21, a film media company, selected and announced the Person of the Year list in the series/drama category. The Character of the Year list for TV series has 7 sub-categories selected by 30 participating film critics and reporters.
“Beyond” many famous actresses such as Jun Ji Hyun in Jirisan, Song Hye Kyo in Now, We Are Breaking Up, Go Hyun Jung in Reflection Of You, Jeon Do Yeon in Lost,… Lee Young Ae in work. Inspector Koo was honored to be chosen as Actress of the Year in the Serial Drama category.
Taking on the lead role in the comedy detective drama, Lee Young Ae successfully portrayed her Character truthfully, expressing the deep pain in the soul of a girl who lost the love of her life. She deserves this award.
Although Inspector Koo achieved an unimpressive rating, it has a high position on international charts. Besides, Lee Young Ae also received many compliments when leaving many impressions in her acting career. In the movie, she successfully escaped the shadow of the past with a new character image.
In addition, the Actor of the Year award went to Koo Kyo Hwan in Netflix’s blockbuster series Kingdom: Ashin Of The North, DP. Ko Kyo Hwan is a name that will explode even more in 2022.
Cine21 announced, the Best New Actress in 2021 belongs to Jung Ho Yeon in Netflix’s “global phenomenon” Squid Game. The 27-year-old supermodel who just entered acting has left a lot of impressions in the audience’s hearts.
Next, the Best Actor award went to Tang Jun Sang in Move To Heaven, Racket Boys.
Indeed, 2021 is a successful year for Korean dramas and actors. A series of actors have left a big echo in their careers.

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