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Before Son Ye Jin came to Hyun Bin, two guys acknowledged to having emotions for her.

Son Ye Jin, who was born in 1982, has a lovely attractiveness and a wonderful acting skills. She is well-known for her roles in films such as “Summer Perfume,” “The Idiot and the Master,” “And You Will Come,” “April Snow,” “Beautiful Sister Buys Me Delicious Rice,” “The Life” life and death discussions,” and “Landing on You.”
Son Ye Jin, who co-starred with numerous attractive male co-stars, once caused two men fall in love before marrying Hyun Bin. So Ji Sub and Jung Hae In are the names of these two guys.
So Ji Sub initially worked with Son Ye Jin on the film “Sweet Marriage Proposal” in 2001. After 17 years, the above pair reconciled in the piece “And I will come.” So Ji Sub described Ye Jin’s demeanor as straightforward, even like a foolish girl at times. He saw that his coworker had not altered much. It’s worth noting that the “Glass Shoes” actor admitted to being nervous in front of Son Ye Jin. “My heart is constantly fluttering,” he said.
Young Jung Hae In, like So Ji Sub, wept when he met and worked with Son Ye Jin on the project “Beautiful sister brought me wonderful rice” four years ago. “At first, I couldn’t look Son Ye Jin in the eyes because she was so gorgeous,” remarked this attractive guy. I was so scared that I trembled every time the two of us had a fight. Even now, on the left and right. “Every minute, my heart flutters.”
Although both So Ji Sub and Jung Hae In declared their emotions for Son Ye Jin, it was Hyun Bin who she fell in love with. Ye Jin worked on two films with Hyun Bin, “Death and Death Negotiations” and “Crash Landing on You.” They also had a love affair as a result of these fantastic chances.
Son Ye Jin officially accepted to marry Hyun Bin after some investigation. They married in March of this year. Ye Jin’s joy was multiplied when she gave birth to her husband’s first baby at the end of November.



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