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Behind Song Hye Kyo’s nude scene in the bathroom.

The drama series “The Glory” has been making waves with audiences since its first season aired last year. The second season is currently in the top 3 most-watched shows on Netflix this year. Song Hye Kyo’s portrayal of Moon Dong Eun has received praise from viewers and experts for her departure from her usual goddess image to play a dark character. At 41, this is the first time Song Hye Kyo has shed her usual image to fit the character, with minimal makeup to show the character’s pain and past trauma. The scene where Moon Dong Eun reveals her burn scars to Doctor Ju Yeo Jeong has received attention for its powerful message about school violence.
In episode 15 of the second season, Song Hye Kyo has a 20-second nude scene in a long bathroom shot, where she is noted for her thin appearance, presumably from strict weight loss. In the script, Moon Dong Eun suffers from malnutrition due to her obsession with revenge. On March 27, HK01 reported that Song Hye Kyo had actively lost weight for several months using three methods: eating tofu, avoiding oily food, and consuming light and healthy food.



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