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Behind-the-scenes glimpse into actress Suzy’s hanbok photo shoot for the January issue of ‘Elle’ magazine.

The latest behind-the-scenes glimpse into actress Suzy’s hanbok photo shoot for the January issue of ‘Elle’ magazine unveils a blend of traditional elegance and modern charm. On December 19th, the YouTube channel ‘Elle Korea’ captivated audiences with a video titled ‘What Suzy did the day before filming… eat pork belly,’ showcasing Suzy adorned in exquisite hanboks, a traditional Korean attire.

In an intimate interview alongside the photo shoot, Suzy shared her preparation routine, revealing that she exercised, indulged in pork belly, and had a restful sleep the night before. Her candid response highlighted her down-to-earth persona, contrasting the ethereal quality of the hanbok.

Suzy also shared insights on managing photo shoots in cold conditions, emphasizing her focus during filming which helps her feel less affected by the chill. When asked to describe herself using a color, she chose white, likening it to a blank canvas, symbolizing potential and purity.

The actress expressed her delight over being affectionately dubbed ‘Hanbok Suzy,’ a title reflecting her affinity with the traditional attire. She shared how each hanbok experience feels refreshing and personally significant.

This cover feature marks a historic moment for ‘Elle Korea,’ as it is the first hanbok pictorial to grace its cover since the magazine’s inception in 1992. The 2023 Hanbok Wave project, a collaboration between six Korean hanbok companies and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation, facilitated the creation of the unique hanboks worn by Suzy. She reflected on the confidence and closeness she felt wearing these designer pieces, hoping her involvement would aid in promoting the traditional garment.

The blend of Suzy’s modern celebrity status with the timeless beauty of hanbok creates a compelling narrative, celebrating Korean culture while showcasing the adaptability and relevance of traditional attire in contemporary fashion. As Suzy steps into the new year with this enchanting pictorial, she not only dons a garment but also carries the rich heritage and evolving story of hanbok.

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