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Behind the scenes of “Reborn Rich,” Park Ji Hyun demonstrates flawless chemistry with Song Joong Ki and Kim Nam Hee.

Park Ji Hyun’s connection with Song Joong Ki and Kim Nam Hee is highlighted in a new behind-the-scenes footage from “Reborn Rich”!
“Reborn Rich” is a JTBC fantasy drama starring Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo, a chaebol family’s devoted secretary. When he dies after being falsely accused of embezzlement by the same family he had diligently served, he is resurrected as the family’s youngest son Jin Do Joon, and he schemes to take over the firm to wreak retribution.
Song Joong Ki and Park Ji Hyun begin the making-of clip by practicing a scenario in which a lightbulb bursts in the midst of a discussion and Jin Do Joon takes Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun) into his arms to protect her. Song Joong Ki jokes to Park Ji Hyun, “When you come at me, I shall sidestep you,” eliciting amusement from the audience. When shooting starts, the two actors have amazing chemistry and complete the scene in one take.
The footage then shows Park Ji Hyun’s connection with Kim Nam Hee, who plays Jin Sung Joon, the Soonyang family’s oldest grandchild. The performers and director talk about the incident in which Jin Sung Joon provokes Mo Hyun Min before their wedding. When the shooting begins, Park Ji Hyun effortlessly removes her tiara and tosses it on the floor. However, the tiara disappears, resulting in an unexpected scenario in which the husband and bride are crouching down to hunt for the tiara.



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