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Bi Rain revealed that he almost had plastic surgery because he was often criticized.

Before being mentioned as a talented star and possessing a unique charm, Bi Rain was repeatedly criticized. In the latest episode of Season B, Kim Tae Hee’s husband said, “Since I was young, everyone has said I’m ugly.” After countless times receiving such negative reviews, the movie star Full House was advised by Park Jin Young to “fix” her beauty and almost did.
However, when thinking carefully about that proposal, Bi Rain decided not to touch the cutlery anymore. Vocalist 8X realized that Park Jin Young also had an unattractive appearance by most standards. However, he still became a famous music star and founded JYP Entertainment – one of the most influential entertainment companies in the world. Most influential kpop. Because of that, Rain thinks that if Park Jin Young can still be successful even though he is not handsome, he doesn’t have to have plastic surgery.
From a rookie who was not appreciated just because of his appearance, Rain gradually conquered the public with his top-notch musical and dance talents and hit movies. The natural monolid eyes and attractive charisma gradually become the male artist’s beauty and charm.
This is not the first time Rain has shared being criticized for his appearance. He once said that dozens of entertainment companies rejected him because he did not have a beautiful face and double eyelids. In an interview with CNN, the singer born in 1982 also shared: “Actually, I was commented after an audition that my singing and dancing skills are great, but I didn’t get accepted because I didn’t have a couple. double eyelid”. Later, this male artist was accepted into JYP Entertainment because Park Jin Young saw his persistent efforts and potential. They also became close friends and supported each other’s activities even though Rain had separated.
Bi Rain (birth name: Jung Ji Hoon) was born in 1982, he entered the entertainment industry at the age of 16 as a member of the boy group Fanclub but failed. In 2002, the young artist returned to the music industry with his first solo album Bad Guy and gradually reached the top with albums: It’s Raining, Eternal Rain, Rain’s World, Rainism… and a series of international tours. Not only successful in the music field, Bi Rain is also a talented actor. He once caused a fever throughout Asia with the movie Full House starring Song Hye Kyo and was loved through the works: Ninja Assassin, Finding Love, Second Life… Earlier this year, the kimchi actor returned. Small screen with the lead role in Ghost Doctor.
Along with a brilliantly successful career, Bi Rain is admired by the public when he has a happy, secret marriage with “pearl girl” Kim Tae Hee and two young daughters.



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