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BIGHIT MUSIC Responds Briefly To Reports Of BTS’s Suga Enlisting As A Public Service Employee

BIGHIT MUSIC has issued a statement in response to news of Suga’s enlisting.
On December 13, it was announced that BTS member Suga will be sent to work as a public servant. Specific enlistment intentions, including as enlistment dates, have not been published. In reaction to the claims, a BIGHIT MUSIC official said, “BTS members want to serve in the military consecutively according to their own plans.” The artist’s personal information is difficult to authenticate.”
Following the publication of information, it was claimed that Suga was assigned to be a public servant due to having had surgery in 2020. At the time, the agency issued an official statement explaining why the choice to have surgery was made. “Suga also thought that it was vital for him to restore himself to excellent health in order to prepare for his obligatory military duty as well as his post-service musical career,” according to the statement. The choice to undertake the surgical surgery was taken after significant discussion with the firm.”



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