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Blackpink holds the top 1 position in the brand value chart.

Accordingly, the results are analyzed by the Korean Business Research Institute based on the artists’ global coverage of interactions with the public. Compare the above indicators and conclude on the 12th of every month.
According to the summary results, the top position of December’s chart belongs to the famous group Blackpink with a reputation index of 5,183,270, up 11.29% compared to the previous month’s results. The above statistics show that the most searched keywords related to the group are “Lisa,” “Blackpink,” “Lisa has COVID-19” with the phrases “reaching a record,” “breakthrough.”… In terms of public reception, Blackpink achieved a relatively high index of 78.01%.
Lisa’s infection with COVID-19 caused all information about the members, especially Lisa’s, to receive twice as much attention and search as before.
In the December brand value rankings, many other famous Korean groups, such as TWICE, took second place with an index of 3,516,318. Compared to last month’s results, the brand value of this girl group has grown quite enormously at about 21.83%.
In 3rd place is the promising rookie aespa. This is a new rookie group in the K-pop music scene, but aespa is increasingly asserting its position. The index that the rookie group under SM entertainment achieved was 2,751,833. However, this index has a slight decrease of about 17.95% compared to the achievement of 4 achieved by the group in November.
The following positions in the Top 10 of the table respectively belong to Red Velvet, Apink, Oh My Girl, Girl’s Generation, MAMAMOO, Brave Girls, and LABOUM.

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