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BLACKPINK Hosts a BORN PINK Concert, Jennie Makes an Appearance, and Action Pays Off Criticism

Members of BLACKPINK are still in the public eye. In reality, the facts of their life often elicit a variety of responses from netizens. The most recent issue was with the outfits Jennie wore on the BORN PINK globe tour in Paris.
She showed off her outfits during one of her performances during the event. The reason for this is because she is shown facing backstage in the following shot wearing a little skirt and a small bra with black spaghetti straps.
“Jennie’s attire…
I saw it on Instagram, but did the stylist instruct her to wear that way? Or does she want to dress in that manner? “I’m curious,” commented a netizen who initiated a chat in an online forum, as cited by Allkpop on Friday (16/12/2022).
In addition, numerous netizens criticized Jennie’s appearance during the event.
“She dressed like that and dances like that,” netizens who commented on the post said.
“What’s the matter with him?” said another netizen.
“They stated they picked their own attire throughout the documentary,” a netizen commented.
“With Jennie’s years of involvement, it must be her decision,” netizens speculated.
“She constantly wears underpants, she must be chilly,” another netizen said.
Meanwhile, BLACKPINK supporters, known colloquially as BLINK, put on a body. The outfits Jennie wore throughout the ‘BORN PINK’ global tour were not an issue for them. “What’s wrong with the boss?” one of the responses defended it. What is bugging you right now? “I think it’s lovely,” said one netizen.
“She may dress anyway she wants,” remarked another netizen.
“People don’t say anything negative about her since she works hard on stage, but now they have to attack her outfits,” netizens defended.
“Some of you will have a heart attack if you attend to international musician performances overseas,” remarked another netizen.
“Those who despise Jennie on here must be envious of her ability to wear something like that and look as nice as she does. “Lol,” another netizen said.



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