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The moves show that Blackpink is about to return after more than 500 days of absence.

Compared to BTS and TWICE, the frequency of Blackpink’s music product launches is much smaller. Specifically, for more than 500 days, they have not had a joint music product but only developed solo careers for the members.
This makes many fans doubt that the management company is mistreating Blackpink.
However, recently fans have seen the details of the girls’ return soon.
Specifically, recently, when Somi was going live to chat with Instagram, she accidentally revealed a new piece of music that was said to be the voice of Jennie – Blackpink. This information became a hot topic on all forums, large and small because it’s been a long time since Blackpink released a new song.
This incident of Somi is said to accidentally reveal that Blackpink is about to launch a new product. Because after that, Somi panicked and left immediately.
The videos with leaked music have been removed on almost all social networking platforms. Blackpink’s management company YG has now removed Somi’s Livestream and registered the copyright for the leaked music.
In another development, Blackpink’s Jennie recently suddenly confirmed on the forum for BLINK (Blackpink’s fan) that: “We are preparing to come back.” This revelation of Jennie makes fans believe that they will be waiting for the girls’ new products as soon as possible.
And according to Allkpop, Shinhan investment researcher Ji In Hae has made predictions that YG Entertainment’s stock price will increase shortly. In addition, this researcher also said that the global girl group Blackpink would also make a comeback after this summer.
With these details, the possibility of Blackpink’s return is almost inevitable. Before that, it was also reported that Blackpink would also conduct a global tour in addition to the new product.



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