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Blackpink is enchanted in the ‘2022 Welcoming Collection’ photo series.

Each member modeled with classic outfits inspired by old trends for this year’s collection.
Let’s start with Jisoo, who is currently taking Paris Fashion Week by storm. She wore a black babydoll dress with white socks, chunky heels, and a 1980s-style dress.
This look is the perfect blend of classic cuteness and playful looks.

Like Jisoo, member Rosé possesses diverse looks inspired by past fashion trends. Specifically, she wears a mini polkadot dress with a belt.
Rosé also accented her hair with a very classic pearl barrette.
She also wore a black dress for the solo shoot, but the mood was completely different. Here, Rosé is a glamorous muse with few accessories to distract from the glitzy image.

Meanwhile, Jennie exudes the look of a princess…
Jennie is also very suitable for the style of Hong Kong (China) women in the 1990s.

Finally, Lisa teamed a button-down blazer, a fitted houndstooth print dress, lace stockings, and white lace-up heels for this glamorous look.



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