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Blackpink is expected to “rewrite the history of Kpop girl groups”.

According to data from Korea Exchange published on July 20, YG Entertainment’s stock price has increased by 22.99%, from 44,150 won to 54,300 won compared to the beginning of July.
Considering the KOSDAQ is up 4.95% over the same period, YG Entertainment is trending relatively well, with the stock price up more than 30% from its previous low on June 23.
Blackpink’s full lineup comeback this August will be the group’s first comeback in 1 year and ten months. Their previous album has sold over 1.25 million copies, and their new release is expected to hit even more heights.
YG PLUS, an affiliate of YG Entertainment, also saw its share price increase by 32%, from 4595 won to 6060 won in July, ranking 6th in terms of KOSPI growth during the period. The company’s general expectations are also increasing as Blackpink’s comeback date approaches.
In fact, by the time the news of Blackpink’s comeback broke, the stock price of YG Entertainment and all of its affiliates had skyrocketed.
Previously, shares of both YG Entertainment and YG PLUS hit a 52-week low on June 23-24. After that, Blackpink was announced to have finally released a new group album, causing the stock price of YG Entertainment to increase by more than 6% and that of YG PLUS to increase by 16%.
In addition, shares of YG PLUS rose for 11 consecutive trading days.
Regarding Blackpink’s impact, Park Ha Kyung, a Korea Investment & Securities researcher, said, “The first week sales of Blackpink’s Album released in October 2020 reached 690,000. As K-pop’s global fandom expanded, girl groups’ original Chodong sales overgrew.
However, Blackpink significantly increased its popularity through individual activities during the group’s hiatus, when Rosé and Lisa both achieved record sales for their solo albums. Therefore, Blackpink’s upcoming product is expected to set a new record for K-pop girl groups.”
Lee Nam Soo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, added, “Blackpink’s world tour, which will kick off in the fourth quarter, is also expected to surpass the group’s previous tour in 2019—used to attract 470,000 spectators.
Considering their comeback after a long hiatus, who are now both global ambassadors of high-end brands, we believe it’s very likely that Blackpink will continue to achieve remarkable results. respect and will rewrite the history of K-pop girl groups.”



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