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Blackpink is named Time Entertainer of the Year.

Congratulations to ‘Blackpink,’ the most beautiful K-pop girl group ever, for being named TIME’s Entertainer Of The Year. The female band has been popular from their first appearance on board, and there’s no disputing that they earned it. That sweet voice, the excellent musical endeavours, and everything else gave Blackpink a worthy winner!
Blackpink is made up of four individuals. Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa are the members of the group. After BTS, the quartet female band is the second most popular K-pop band. The four members have an incredible chemistry, relationship, and friendship. It undoubtedly led the organization to where it is today. Teamwork! As they put it.
“We put in a lot of effort so we could seem like superwomen,” Jennie told TIME, adding, “At the end of the day, we’re pretty regular girls.” She said, “If we view this in a business sense, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this.” Jennie said, “The band has always played from the heart.”
That pretty much sums up how Blackpink made it! Blinks, are you pleased with yourself?



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