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Blackpink Jennie Has Oceanic Eyes, Which Makes One Lost In Her Charisma.

Jennie from BLACKPINK is one of the world’s cutest idols, partly because of her large doe eyes. Her eyes are so stunning that they can hypnotize you with just one glance! Prepare for an overload of cuteness as these images highlight Jennie’s large eyes.
BLACKPINK, a K-pop band, has long dominated the music business. The four-member girl group, which started in South Korea, has been making waves with its music worldwide, and its fans are completely enamoured with it. But in addition to their amazing songs, which are chart-toppers, each member’s fashion choices have elevated them to total diva.
One of the most well-liked band members, Jennie consistently garners attention for her exquisite sense of style. Jennie makes sure to impart fashion knowledge to her fans through her choice of clothing, from her skirts to her jeans and crop tops. But more importantly, Jennie’s eye makeup looks have occasionally astounded us. We must figure out some of Jennie’s most stunning eye poses.
We immediately highlighted it for our upcoming party adventure after seeing Jennie wear it in a music video. The singer used simple kohl to define her lashlines and lightly smudged brown matte eyeshadow on top. She placed a crystal bead on the inside corner of her eyes to finish the appearance without overdoing it.



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