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Blackpink Jennie Speaks 4 Different Languages Fluently.

All four members of the BLACKPINK girl band group speak more than just one or two languages. And today, we found out how many languages can Jennie speak?
Jennie’s first language is Korean as she is from Korea and was born in Korea. Jennie speaks Korean in her music videos and songs for her YouTube channel while performing Solo.
And the following language she knows is English. So at 8, Jennie moved to New Zealand and attended boarding school. There she learned to speak English. Jennie lived there for around five years before coming back to South Korea. As per reports, she was supposed to study in America but denied it.
Jennie’s third language is Japanese. All four members speak this language. A lot of K-pop idols know about the Japanese language. And many times, they make Japanese versions of their songs or an entire album.
The fourth language that Jennie speaks in French. Jennie, in an interview, shared that she had loved French culture for some time, so she decided to learn French. Though she doesn’t speak as much English, Korean and Japanese, she is pretty good at it.
So the conclusion is that Jennie is a multi-lingual, and we cannot deny this fact. She is pretty talented, be it her fashion or music, and even knows more languages. She is perfect.



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