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Jisoo (Blackpink) fashion and influence on young people.

Being the face of honor is honored to be invited by a high-end fashion brand to attend a fashion show that shows that Jisoo’s charm is spreading widely in Korea and the international market.
Jisoo even received special treatment no less than any A-list star when a large body of bodyguards escorted her to the event, sat in the front row of the show, and wore the latest costumes with accessories. Expensive event of the fashion brand that I represent. Jisoo is considered a new fashion icon and significantly influences today’s youth. Any item that Jisoo uses makes fans “crazy” and searches to buy precisely the same as the idol. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jisoo has brought brand values ​​to the brand she represents, increasing by 484% in revenue in just 2 months.
According to statistics on Twitter, Jisoo is also one of the most searched Korean artist names when the keyword #Jisoo continuously reached the top global trending over the past time. Some evaluations say that Jisoo’s charm no longer comes from being a member of the famous group Blackpink. Still, until now, the young female singer is affirming her solid position thanks to her talent. , knows how to seize opportunities, and has a systematic “strategy” to spread the name beyond the Korean homeland.
Jisoo is and will be how she responds to all questions that she is just a “mobile vase” and has not been able to do anything since participating in art activities. Until now. Recently, the movie “Snowdrop” combined with her and actor Jung Hae In has reached 4 billion views on Tiktok. “Honestly, I have to thank the compliments – criticisms of the public so that I can use it as a motivation to work hard every day. The challenges that I set for myself are also part of the desire to show everyone that I am not too incompetent…” – Jisoo shared.



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