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Blackpink Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, And Jennie Soaring Hotness In Black Mini Dress.

BLACKPINK’s members have been using the world as their runway for years. The trio is sure to offer their best everywhere they go, whether it’s a performance at Coachella, a fashion presentation in Paris, a performance at the Met Gala in New York City, or an appearance in Seoul. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa frequently appear wearing the newest styles, but they’ve also had some classic looks over time.
BLACKPINK has established the little black dress as a classic style in particular. The members of BLACKPINK have incorporated this wardrobe staple into their characteristic outfits, fitting their group name.
It might be challenging to keep to the classics at a time when fashion trends change frequently. Fortunately, BLACKPINK has provided us with a tonne of fashion inspiration, so we’ve gone back and revisited some of their most iconic looks.
Jennie provided us with styling instructions for an LBD look via Instagram. She paired a Courrèges outfit with Crocs and Balenciaga rain boots. She added a modest necklace and knee-high socks as accessories, solidifying her place on our spring fashion boards.
Rosé is proof that wearing an LBD doesn’t always require an all-black outfit. Rosé improved her earlier sheer appearance and added some glitz to the Yves Saint Laurent pre-Oscars celebration in March 2022. Red and blue flecks in her sparkling dress gave the outfit an unorthodox flash of color.
Rosé walked the red carpet wearing a dependable LBD by YSL. Of course, Rosé gave it a twist with a white bow for the biggest night in fashion and accessorized it with a dramatic choker necklace, drop earrings, and pointed pumps. She added some edge to the look with geometric eyeliner and a disheveled ponytail for glitz.
Jisoo wore a puff-sleeve dress, a white clutch, and heels to a Jimmy Choo event in January 2020. She let her pink lipstick serve as her only pop of color. She wore a trend-forward silhouette that is popular right now, but she also perfectly embodied the timeless, stylish, and beautiful qualities of the LBD.
In March 2019, Jennie was already serving a tightened waist before the corset craze caught on. With a satin belt to spice up her blazer dress, she opted to keep her makeup simple and let the ensemble speak for itself.



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