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BLACKPINK Lisa Wears 70,000 usd Necklace, Auto Sold Out Is Invaded by Sultans, The Power of Lalisa Is Not Playing.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is being widely discussed after attending the BVLGARI luxury event.
Apart from being busy as a member of BLACKPINK, Lisa is also often lined up as a high-end brand ambassador.
The girl from Thailand is the only idol who is a global ambassador for the world-class brand BVLGARI.
So don’t be surprised if BLACKPINK’s Lisa is juxtaposed with world-class celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra.
The three even attended the same event because they were global ambassadors for the luxury brand.
The election of Lisa BLACKPINK as a global ambassador for the BVLGARI brand is certainly not without reason.
Having a brilliant career, Lisa BLACKPINK arguably has a strong influence on vocals and fashion trends.
A staff from BVLGARI said BLACKPINK’s Lisa could sell products within 1 hour.
“Lisa can make our products sell out in 1 hour. The Bvlgari team didn’t expect Lisa to have such a big influence on sales.”
“It is a phenomenon,” said a staff member quoted from KBIZoom, Tuesday, June 6, 2022.
Indeed, the influence of BLACKPINK’s Lisa is unquestionable.
Just imagine, Lisa’s necklace for almost 70,000 USD sold out immediately before 24 hours.
The necklace from BVLGARI with code B. ZERO1 NECKLACE was immediately sold out after Lisa became BA of the jewellery.
Considering the fantastic price of the necklace, it seems that only sultans worldwide can buy it.
As BA BVLGARI, BLACKPINK’s Lisa must always wear the latest luxury items from the brand.
Finally, many fans thought that their idol was the golden child of the CEO of BVLGARI.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa often uses rare products from BVLGARI, which incidentally have a reasonably high price.
While attending Bvlgari Colours in Seoul, she also wore a magnificent “jewellery heritage” jewellery set.
A set of “jewellery heritage” jewellery that Lisa is wearing is made of rubies and platinum diamonds that date back to 1955, 1960 and 1963.
The jewellery is known as the most expensive and rare set globally but can be easily obtained by BLACKPINK’s Lisa.
In addition, Lisa has also dubbed the most expensive woman because Lisa wore a Magnifica Celestial Sky necklace jewellery set which the Church of Sant’Andrea delle Valee inspired.
Even so, he still wears a ruby ​​ring worth Rp. Eighty-six billion and a bracelet made of ruby, sapphire, and emerald diamonds.
Therefore, many netizens feel jealous of the figure of Lisa BLACKPINK when she gets privileges from BVLGARI.



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