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Blackpink officially returns to the Kpop race, what do fans expect?

Blackpink has had almost 2 years of not releasing new products as a group since the last promotions with “Lovesick Girls” and “The Album”.
After that, the girls focused on developing their solo careers, and they are still active in the fashion field. Lisa and Rosé also have a debut. Jisoo’s movie is controversial but more or less still creates a particular attraction.
However, being absorbed in “single” makes Blackpink’s fans sad. Because for nearly 2 years, the girls have been absent from the group Kpop music race.
However, in YG’s latest report, the company made a big bang when it announced that Blackpink would make a comeback in the second half of 2022.
Specifically, as Korea Investment & Securities announced, YG Entertainment’s report on the schedule of artists in 2022 will focus on iKON and WINNER from April to June. In July, Blackpink made a comeback with an album format. Unspecified and scheduled tours in the second half of 2022 (July to December).
YG also said Jennie would be the last member to have an individual schedule abroad. Thus, as expected of fans, Blackpink will make a comeback as soon as senior group iKON finishes promoting in June.
Blackpink’s comeback is significant; it helps the girls strengthen their position and satisfies the fans’ “thirst” for music.



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