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Blackpink reacts completely when asked about BTS and Twice.

Three groups are always compared in the 3rd generation (3rd generation): BTS, Blackpink, and Twice.
Therefore, fans are always curious what would happen if 1 of the three groups was asked about the other two competitors and Blackpink once fell into this field.
1. When asked about BTS
In 2019, Blackpink went to the US to tour at the Coachella music festival. The appearance of 4 YG girls in the country of flowers made the press hunt constantly follow. When three members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, went to a place to have dinner together, reporters were stationed in their cars to look for information.
One of the reporters at the scene asked the group about BTS, “Do you guys like BTS?”. Faced with numerous questions and cameras pointing at them, the girls ignored them and quickly got into the car. In the clip shared by netizens, Blackpink can be seen surprised and embarrassed by their “attack.”
Blackpink’s act of ignoring the question about BTS is also understandable. This is a private time, not an interview, so the group has the right to remain silent. Even if they accidentally mention BTS, the group can also be criticized on social networks.
2. When asked about Twice
In July 2017, Blackpink held a debut showcase in Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, attracting thousands of fans. Before the performance, the group had an interview and was asked to share their feelings about coming to Japan…
A reporter deliberately made it difficult for Blackpink to ask if the group knew Twice. “Elder sister,” Jisoo smiled and replied, “I think the two groups belong to different music styles, so we want to show our color. We will do our best.”
Then, Jennie added, “There’s a huge difference before and after we step on the stage. When on stage, we’re as strong as black. But in real life, we have the same cuteness. Ordinary girls like pink. We want our fans to enjoy that difference.”
It can be seen that when it comes to Twice, Blackpink does not disparage the opponent to lift themselves up but also acknowledges the different colors between the two groups.
Moreover, fans know that despite being compared often, Blackpink and Twice are still close friends in real life; they respect each other.



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