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BLACKPINK showed signs of coming back, but fans were indifferent like: “Waiting for the poster to continue!”

Comeback dripped like filtered coffee; gradually, people forgot it looked like when BLACKPINK last stood on the promotional stage. While the groups at the same time, if they don’t make a comeback, will also attend the prestigious awards ceremony, BLACKPINK still points to… the cover of the magazine.
There was a time when I was excited and excited because Somi herself spoiled BLACKPINK’s comeback hint. The hope of hearing new music is gradually fading into the past when there is still no official information about BLACKPINK’s comeback. For many BLINKs, waiting for idols to enlist is not as long as waiting for YG to bring back the 4 girls.
Recently, BLACKPINK’s dance choreographer has motivated fans with an Instagram story revealing that he is returning to Korea. As the leading choreographer, this guy’s flight to Korea is more or less related to YG and especially BLACKPINK. Is the “discharge” date of the 4 beautiful girls coming soon?
But it seems, with too much experience as a “clown” when believing in comeback hints and still having to wait in vain, BLINK is not excited anymore. Many fans have restrained themselves, saying that they will believe it whenever there is a poster. But the “divine spoiler”, as Jennie promised, is preparing to return 7749 times and has not been seen yet. YG, BLINKs are hopeless!
Fans’ reaction when they saw BLACKPINK’s choreographer flying back to Korea:
– Idols of their families: release comeback posters, 7749 comeback schedules, go to interactive shows with other members.
My idol: magazine, brand collab, run 8,816 campaigns, fly from country to country.
Wow, the comeback schedule is as rare as gold; so angry!
– Maybe iKON will make a comeback before BLACKPINK, and this guy choreographs for many groups, heard this time he choreographed the comeback aespa.
The group hasn’t arrived in May yet. It should be around June because iKON is preparing for a comeback. Even though they’ve been here for 3 years, they’re still reporting for BLACKPINK but still editing for other groups, so this rumour isn’t very positive.
– This guy can choreograph for another group; bring it up here, so the fandom gets called “crazy” or something?
– There are posters to count!



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