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Blackpink will create a “paradox” that is difficult for any group to break?

“How You Like That” is one of Blackpink’s top hits. When the song was released, it stormed the music charts in Korea and internationally.
Because of the catchy music and beautiful choreography, the song is not difficult to reach 1 billion views after its release. However, the exciting thing is that the dance MV of this song also surpassed that number and made Blackpink the first group to set this record. This is also the first product that is not the MV of the excellent YG group to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.
The paradox is that after nearly 3 months since the dance MV “How You Like That” reached 1 billion views, this video has brought in nearly 84 million more views; the dance MV has nearly 1 billion 84 million views. a million views – officially passed
Thus, compared to the official MV, which currently has 1 billion 85 million views, the gap with the choreography is rapidly shortening, only about 1 million views apart. And it’s not difficult to guess that Blackpink’s dance MV may take the place of the official MV shortly based on the increase in views on YouTube.
This makes Blackpink set a paradoxical record that the dance MV surpassed 1 billion views and overwhelmed the official MV. Even BTS has not had a dance MV that has achieved such great success as Blackpink.



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