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BLACKPINK Wins 14 Nominations for China Year End Awards 2022

BLACKPINK has once again shown their worldwide appeal. The reason for this is that this idol group has received the most nominations for the 2022 China Year End Awards.
China Music Data hailed the four-member female trio on their remarkable 14 nominations in the country’s top awards through its official account.
Launching Allkpop on Saturday, December 17, 2022, here are 14 BLACKPINK nominees for the China Year End Awards:
Year-End Awards in China

1) Best Selling Artist – Albums: “BLACKPINK”
2) Best Selling Artist – Singles: “BLACKPINK”
3) Best Selling Album: “BORN PINK”
4) Best Selling Single: “PINK VENOM”
5) Best Selling International Single: “PINK VENOM”
6) Best Selling International Album: “BORN PINK”
7) Best Selling Kpop Album: “BORN PINK”
8) Best Selling Kpop Single: “PINK VENOM”
9) Best Selling Female Album: “BORN PINK”
10) Best Selling Female Single: “PINK VENOM”
11) Best Selling Group Single: “PINK VENOM”
12) Best Selling Group Album: “BORN PINK”
13) Best Selling Group – Albums: “BLACKPINK”
14) Best Selling Group – Singles: “BLACKPINK”
Meanwhile, the winner of the 2022 China Year End Awards will be announced on Sunday, December 18.



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