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BlackPink’s ‘How you like that’ sets a record after nearly 2 years of debut.

On March 29, “How You Like That” officially hit the milestone of 600 million streams (cumulative listeners) on the Spotify music platform, setting a record as the first song by a K-pop girl group and a female K-pop star in particular general to achieve it. This is an outstanding achievement. In particular, How you like is also the first song of BlackPink to receive 600 million streams on Spotify.
Besides, How you like that is also the fastest Korean song (1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks) to reach this milestone, surpassing the old record set by Boy With Luv of BTS. Other hits of YG Entertainment’s pet chicken, such as “Ddu du ddu du” and “Kill This Love”, are also likely soon to surpass 600 million Spotify streams shortly.
How you like that, released in June 2020, is the opening single for the group’s first full album, The Album. How You Like That quickly captured a series of domestic and foreign music charts when it first debuted. The MV and dance performance video “How you like that” also received many views.
Recently, the dance performance video How you like that has officially reached 1 billion views on YouTube. This is the first dance performance MV to get 1 billion views on YouTube and helps BlackPink become the first group with a dance performance MV to achieve this considerable achievement. MV dance performance How you like that is also on the list of 25 best music videos of 2020 voted by Billboard.
Besides, fans are also looking forward to the complete comeback of the How you like that hit owners in 2022. BlackPink’s most recent music product is the album, and the title song, “Lovesick Girls”, played. They launched in October 2020. Fans and audiences were all distraught when the girls were interrupted from group activities for nearly 2 years, which is almost equal to a period of military service for male idols.
For nearly 2 years, BlackPink has focused on his career. Rosé succeeded with her solo album -R-, and Lisa also set many records with her solo album Lalisa. Jennie is expensive in commercials, and Jisoo impresses Snowdrop. At the same time, Jisoo also hinted at the possibility of releasing a solo product this year.



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