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BLACKPINK’s Jennie is ready to make her acting debut after Jisoo by starring in a western series.

Another BLACKPINK member will start his debut in the acting world.
Not long ago, it was reported that Jennie would be a BLACKPINK member who entered the acting world after Jisoo.
This news was immediately warmly welcomed by BLACKPINK fans.
Quoted from KBIZoom, Saturday, July 2, 2022, it is known that BLACKPINK’s Jennie will play a bisexual girl on The Idol.
So what is meant by bisexual?
Launching from Saturday, July 2, 2022, bisexuals are people who have an attraction to more than one gender. That means that person can like men and women at the same time.
A bisexual can be in a same-sex, opposite-sex relationship, or alternate between the two.
Based on the study’s results, men are less likely to be bisexual than women. Meanwhile, according to, bisexuals are more attracted to one gender. It’s just that interest in other genders persists.
Meanwhile, instead of making her acting debut in a K-drama, the BLACKPINK female idol chose HBO’s Western series. HBO is an American television station owned by Time Warner.
Its programs are broadcast 24 hours daily to more than 40 million subscribers without commercial interruptions.
The show will also be marketed to more than 150 countries.
There have been several teasers about Jennie’s character as a bisexual girl on the show.
The role will be a challenge for the idol.
The reason is that Jennie has just jumped in and has no experience in acting.
If Jennie plays her role well, it will be an excellent achievement for the idol.
In addition, fans also believe that Jennie is more suitable for the Western series.
Especially with her chic, cool, and expressive appearance.
Of course, fans and the public highly anticipate this debut role.
Meanwhile, HBO’s The Idol is about a female pop star (played by Lily-Rose Depp) who is at the peak of her career.
He falls in love with a club owner in Los Angeles who is the leader of a mysterious religious group.
On the other hand, rumors are circulating that Jennie has started her first filming in Los Angeles.
In response to the news of Jennier’s acting debut, here are some comments from netizens.
“The role seems very suitable for Jennie, I can’t wait to see the show,” said netizens. “Jennie always looks strong and rebellious and girlboss. So, it will be interesting to see her on Western shows,” said another netizen. “Jennie’s expression in the music video is crazy, so I’m looking forward to actress Jennie on The Idol,” said another netizen.
“First Jisoo, then Jennie… Will Lisa and Rosé also debut as actresses?” concluded the other netizens. So, what do you think, BLINKs, will Jennie succeed in playing her role as a bisexual girl in the HBO series The Idol?
Just pray, BLINKs; I hope that Jennie will be successful in making her acting debut well.



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