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Blackpink’s Jennie Launches Independent Company ‘Oud Atelier’.

In a bold move, Jennie Kim, a member of the prominent K-pop girl group Blackpink and an accomplished solo artist, has ventured into new territory by establishing her own label, ‘Oud Atelier’. Known for her dynamic presence in both the music and fashion industries, Jennie’s latest initiative marks a significant step in her career.

On the 24th, Jennie took to Instagram to announce her plans for solo activities beginning in 2024, with the formation of a company named ‘OA’ (ODD ATELIER). The term ‘ODD ATELIER’ intriguingly translates to ‘strange studio’, suggesting a venture into unique and innovative projects. Along with this announcement, Jennie also introduced the company’s official social networking service (SNS) account, inviting fans to support her new journey as well as Blackpink’s ongoing endeavors.

Launched last month, ‘OA’ introduces itself as a label founded by Jennie. The company’s website describes it as a space dedicated to creating novel and attention-grabbing concepts in unexpected ways. This approach aligns with Jennie’s reputation for pushing boundaries and embracing originality in her work.

In the context of Blackpink’s recent exclusive contract with YG Entertainment for group activities, this development is particularly noteworthy. While Blackpink will continue to release new albums and embark on extensive world tours under YG’s umbrella, the members, including Jennie, are now exploring individual ventures through their own labels.

Jennie’s solo career has already seen notable successes, including her debut solo track ‘Solo’ in November 2018 and the special single ‘You and Me’ released last October. Her influence extends to the fashion world as well, highlighted by her role as a model for Chanel. Additionally, her collaboration with Canadian star The Weeknd and American actress-singer Lily-Rose Melody Depp for the HBO series ‘The Idol’ OST ‘One of the Girls’ achieved significant acclaim. The song reached 62nd in the UK Official Singles Top 100 chart, remaining on the chart for five weeks.

In celebration of Christmas, Jennie announced the release of a carol cover song, further showcasing her versatile artistic talents. This step towards establishing ‘Oud Atelier’ not only reflects Jennie’s ambition but also signifies a new chapter in her artistic journey, promising exciting developments for fans and the music industry alike.

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