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Blackpink’s Jennie reveals the advice she wishes she would’ve received.

Jennie from the K-pop group Blackpink reveals the advice she wishes she would’ve received as a trainee. Lisa and Jennie have been appearing in the evaluation and introduction videos for YG Entertainment’s new group Baby Monster. The group members were introduced in detail as Pharita, Rora, Chiquita, Ahyeon, Asa, Haram, and Ruka. The former head of YG revealed that all seven members wouldn’t be debuting as a group: “Baby Monster will never be a seven-member group. It will be less than seven.”

It was revealed that Baby Monster’s final members would be decided through their monthly and final evaluations, which will be released to the public. The first monthly evaluations came out recently, where the two groups were split into two vocal groups.

One of the groups was set to perform Blackpink member Rosé’s song Gone with a special rap section. As they were preparing for their challenge, Jennie gave them a visit. 

When Ruka asked Jennie if she had advice for being nervous on stage, she answered: “Before going on stage, rather than thinking about things like, ‘What if I’m not in tune,’ I think of how I’m going to shock everyone sitting out there. It would have been good if someone had told me this as a trainee. That’s why I’m saying all these things I wish I had known when I was a trainee… I hope people can see that from you guys




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