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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo turned out to be a ‘queen’ because she came from a noble family.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo turned out to be a ‘queen’ because she came from a noble family. Who doesn’t know Jisoo, a YG Entertainment girl group member, BLACKPINK?
Since debuting in 2016, BLACKPINK has always been the attention of fans in almost all corners of the world.
Not only her work but also the four members, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa.
The personal lives of the four BLACKPINK members have always made their fans curious.
It is undeniable that most Korean idols and artists are very careful about the privacy of their personal lives, including their families.
One of them is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, which is still a mystery.
Jisoo’s parents are referred to as one of the crucial figures in the Korean entertainment world, although there has been no official statement.
But who would have thought, behind her simple appearance, the star of the Snowdrop drama turned out to be a descendant of a noble family?
Yes,This news emerged after the World Today News media published an article saying that BLACKPINK members came from wealthy families.
In the article, it was stated that Jisoo is a descendant of blue blood.
Jisoo, whose real name is Kim Ji Soo, is Kim Gyeongju Clan.
Namely, the descendants of the Silla royal family, which is famous for the longest reign of the Silla kingdom in Korea.
The Silla Kingdom was the ruling dynasty in Korea between 57 BC-935 AD.
For your information, there are indeed many Kim Clans known to be one of the most populous clans.
Namely, there are clans Kim Uiseong, Kimhae, Gyeongju, Hamchang, Andong, Nagan, etc.
This means BLACKPINK’s Jisoo carried royal blood for thousands of years.
This news is also more convincing for fans because of the information on Namuwiki.
It was explained that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo came from the Gyeongju Kim clan for a long time.
This fact also became a hot topic on social media and made Jisoo admire more.
“No wonder! Jisoo always looks elegant, and like a princess, it turns out that she has true royal blood.”
“Wow, if you’re really from the Gyeongju Kim Clan, this is a royal family. This clan is also the longest ruling Silla kingdom in Korea. So I remember a sasaeng said that out of these 4 members, the richest family was Jisoo. This is the reason.” @alv****
“Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Jisoo’s family is a role model; that’s why JISOO can be formed with a good attitude, good talent, good looking. his two brothers are also married and have 2 children, they still use eastern culture or not who is dating living in the same house” @aya*****
“From his personality, way of speaking, etc., even the way he sits, I already suspected that jisoo was not a commoner” @kal******
“It’s appropriate, jisoo’s clothes stay halal, polite, elegant and fantastic bestie” @may******
Although the facts are unknown, fans also mention that besides BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, there are also K-Pop idols who are descendants of Gyeongju Kim, namely TWICE’s Dahyun and IKON’s Bobby.



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