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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can Be Threatened with Jail in Thailand Due to Alcohol Adverts, Really?

Recently, the public was shocked by the news that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was involved in a legal scandal. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is reportedly threatened with severe punishment related to her whiskey advertisement. Suddenly the news made Lisa BLACKPINK fans worried.
Launching Kbizoom, Friday (18/3/2022), since its debut until now, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has always maintained a clean image and has not been involved in any scandals or controversies. However, on March 17, the name of this famous K-Pop female idol was suddenly dragged into the investigation by the Thai authorities regarding the act of promoting a whiskey brand.
Therefore, the Thai Ministry of Health’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention guided the Alcohol Control Committee (OACC) to investigate those who posted and shared Lisa’s alcohol advertisement image in all media.
Lisa was recently chosen as a global ambassador for the Scotch whiskey brand. That’s why fans of this 24-year-old idol constantly share photos of him holding a bottle of whiskey.
Likewise, with netizens and fans of the idol in Thailand. Legal regulations in Thailand prohibit all forms of alcohol advertising.
So, the Thai government has warned that it is illegal to distribute Lisa’s alcohol advertisements images. Furthermore, Nation Thailand reported that the OACC is investigating whether Lisa’s alcohol advertisement violated the relevant regulations.
Please note Thai law prohibits advertising alcohol and persuading others to drink.
Violators of these two rules can be fined 500,000 baht (approximately 15,052 USD) or receive a one-year prison sentence. However, the penalty applies only to celebrities and famous individuals.
Likewise, in 2020, netizens were worried about being fined for posting pictures of alcohol on social networks.
But at that time, the authorities explained that the sentence did not apply to ordinary people. “This applies to celebrities and famous individuals, not ordinary people,” one authority said.
So, it’s only natural that the case that dragged the name of the BLACKPINK member caused concern among fans.
However, Kachonsak Kaewcharat, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that Lisa’s advertisement did not violate any other country’s regulations. Not all countries prohibit alcohol advertising.
Thus, this ad is entirely legal in Korea, Japan, and some other countries.
So, if the ad isn’t released in Thailand, BLACKPINK’s maknae won’t face prosecution.



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