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Blackpink’s Lisa Celebrates 25th Birthday in Hometown, Thailand

Blackpink group member, Lisa, is celebrating her 25th birthday today (27/3/2022). Lisa Blackpink’s birthday this time is more special because it is celebrated in her hometown, Thailand. It is known, Lisa Blackpink landed in Thailand on Tuesday (22/3/2022). Her fans also shared photos of Lisa at Suvarnabhumi Airport. “Lisa landed safely in Thailand. Welcome to @blackpink’s house,” wrote the account @cyanblink. Also read: Tiara Andini Floods of Criticism After Singing Lalisa’s Song Reporting from nation Thailand, Sunday, Lisa’s return to Thailand had become a hot conversation on social media until the hashtag #WELCOMEHOMELILI entered the ranks of Twitter’s trending topics. Before deciding to return home, Lisa was known to have followed Bulgari’s promotion schedule in France and Italy as a global ambassador. One day before her birthday, Lisa had lunch with her family. “BLACKPINK’s Lisa having lunch with her family in Thailand,” wrote the @spinorbinmusic account with Lisa and her family photos.
Meanwhile, several fan social media accounts shared videos of Lisa heading to the car after lunch with her family. Lisa was seen wearing a black hoodie, striped pants, and a black hat.



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