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BLACKPINK’s Rose and Kim Tae Ri Wear the Same Jumpsuit but Have a Very Different Vibration, Which Is More Fascinating?

The name Kim Tae Ri has again stolen attention thanks to starring in the Korean drama Twenty Five Twenty One.
In the drama Twenty Five Twenty One, Kim Tae Ri is playing opposite Nam Joo Hyuk.
The chemistry built by Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk managed to make fans feel carried away.
However, Kim Tae Ri has always succeeded in bringing chemistry with his co-stars.
In addition, Kim Tae Ri also has a fashion style that always looks fashionable.
This can be seen from Kim Tae Ri’s dress style when wearing a gray jumpsuit.
Launching from Koreaboo, the jumpsuit worn by Kim Tae Ri is known to be a Marco Moschino jumpsuit.
The price that Kim Tae Ri had to spend to buy this Macro Moschino jumpsuit was USD 2,980.
Kim Tae Ri is known to have worn this jumpsuit to attend a press conference for the South Korean sci-fi film Space Sweepers in 2020.
At that time, Nam Joo Hyuk’s co-star appeared very charming.
Even Kim Tae Ri completed her appearance with dangling earrings and a silver bracelet wrapped nicely around her wrist.
The accessories added by Kim Tae Ri also add a glamorous impression to his appearance.
Kim Tae Ri’s appearance gives a professional and trendy impression.
However, the impression of a businesswoman is also apparent when Kim Tae Ri wears it.
Rose BLACKPINK’s appearance with Marco Moschino’s jumpsuit was seen when the three BLACKPINK members were guests on the Amazing Saturday event.
Lisa BLACKPINK’s colleague looked very beautiful when wearing this Marco Moschino jumpsuit.
Moreover, BLACKPINK Rose added gold necklace accessories to enhance her appearance.
BLACKPINK’s Rose appearance also looks a little different from Kim Tae Ri.
This can be seen because the woman, whose real name is Park Chae Young, sweetens it with a belt around her tiny waist.
Therefore, the appearance of Rose BLACKPINK looks very luxurious and high class.
Even so, the appearance of Kim Tae Ri and BLACKPINK’s Rose certainly did not disappoint.



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