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BTS has just made a record that even Blackpink and TWICE have not been able to achieve.

BTS is considered a group of records when recently, they continue to set a new achievement.
Specifically, according to Korean media, the concert Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing has earned a total global box office revenue of 32.6 million USD. This is the “biggest” revenue of an online theatrical event. In particular, this is also the world’s first live broadcast of a Korean concert organized by HYPE Labels.
Accordingly, a total of concerts with 3,711 cinemas in 75 countries premiered. Notably, BTS’ concert was only limited to one day, but it still attracted many fans’ attention. In the North American market, this event took the top 2 at the box office last Saturday with a total of more than 6.84 million USD.
This concert is explosive because this is the first time they have been held in Korea in 2 years of absence. Their hits were also performed on stage, making the audience feverish such as Butter, Dynamite, Permission to Dance.
With this achievement, BTS extends their achievements against Blackpink and TWICE.



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