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In a recent interview, BTS proved the special affection that each member has for each other.

Below are the answers of 7 BTS members when asked to share their thoughts about their teammates.
1. RM.
Looking back, there were many things to smile about and many difficult moments. However, even in difficult times, we will come up with a joke to laugh… Then we find the strength to get up and continue our journey. I think teammates are friends; as long as we have each other, we can laugh together.
2. Jin.
The seven of us have our notions of what’s valuable in life… Even so, we made the same choices at the most crucial moment. That means we are looking in the same direction. In a way, we may be the people who understand each other best in this vast world.
3. Suga.
The passage of time seems long in some ways but short in others. If you just put the highlights together, it looks like we’ve made it easy, you know? But if you look deeper into the matter, it took us a long time.
Life is a series of trials, and it forces us to ask questions and doubts about each other and ourselves constantly. And it was the BTS members who helped me keep going without giving up whenever worries or doubts came to me.
4. J-Hope.
We are not creatures that get along quickly. I believe we can share moments like this because we haven’t stopped looking for each other for a long time. We are each other’s mirror; we see each other’s selves. So we try to pull ourselves together and find the strength to go one step further when we look at each other as look at ourselves.
5. Jimin.
My teammates are always willing to lose their way with me. I’m not scared about it because I have these friends by my side who will always laugh and cry with me along the way.
6. DRAW.
I think I felt impatient when we first started. And whenever I feel that way, the members of BTS are always by my side… I think we recognize each other’s signals, and I think that’s how we could get this far without Lost.
7. Jungkook.
Nothing in this world is easy, and we all fall sometimes. I believe 7 people could get this far because we supported each other… I always remind myself that the most important thing is not the place but ourselves holding it. Hand in hand right here, right now.

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