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BTS to BLACKPINK are trending and liked abroad, but there are no fans in their own country, how come?

The K-pop fever is no stranger to the younger generation to the older generation.
Although some people still underestimate the K-pop music genre, K-pop has proven to be able to compete with western music genres and has shown many achievements in the international music scene.
As is known if the K in the K-pop prefix is ​​an abbreviation of Korea, which identifies the origin of the music genre. However, the dominance of lovers of the K-pop music genre does not even come from Korea. Most of those interested in K-pop-related products and content are even from outside the country itself.
It even makes K-pop idols earn more money overseas than their home country.
Launching from KBIzoom, Sunday (10/4/2022), data analysis by JoongAng Ilbo said the country that streamed the most videos and BTS songs over the past year was Japan. BTS-related content, including MVs, official tracks, lyric videos, and fan-generated content, garnered approximately 15.1 billion views between March 2021 to February 2022, of which 2 billion came from Japan. BTS is based in Korea, and all seven members are Korean. But only 5% or 768 million views they achieved came from Korea.
Furthermore, the domestic K-pop market interest in Korea for BLACKPINK as the K-pop artist with the second most views after BTS at 8.59 billion views. Their largest audience is from India with 820 million views. Furthermore, TWICE, ITZY, and Seventeen also saw the most views from Japan.
For Stray Kids, Mexico tops the search list. Meanwhile, IU and Aespa are two K-pop artists who still hold the peak of popularity in their home country, South Korea.
From this, it can be proven that the target market for K-pop is, in fact, more in demand in the global arena. Thanks to its popularity in the international arena, album sales of K-pop artists have increased quite rapidly.
For the first time, sales of the biggest K-pop album in 2021 surpassed 50 million copies and continue to climb every year.
Research team leader Kim Ji Woon of a sales tracking company said, “According to the Korean Customs Service, K-pop albums worth 270.3 billion won or about 3 trillion more were exported in 2021.” Then Choi Bong Hyun, a senior researcher at the Korean Institute of Industrial Economics and Trade, uncovers why K-pop is so attractive and popular.
“K-pop’s globalization is not random. K-pop has shaped the music production cycle, which includes training talented individuals and developing their careers as musicians and television personalities and actors.”
“After that, they took a break and returned with new music. He explained that a well-organized system had given K-pop a competitive advantage in the global market,” he explained. Another K-pop group that has followed the success of the international market is Stray Kids, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart on March 28 with their new album “Oddinary.” They became the third K-pop group to achieve this achievement after BTS and SuperM. This news is not surprising as Stray Kids has always enjoyed more popularity in North America than in Korea.
They are the 4th most viewed group with 1.75 billion views, after BTS, BLACKPINK, and Twice. Where Korea is not even in the top 10 countries watching their content



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