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BTS’s RM and V Receive Heartfelt Support as They Embark on Military Service.

On December 11, the BTS fandom bid a bittersweet farewell as RM and V quietly enlisted in the military at the Korean Army Training Center in Nonsan. The members, surrounded by their comrades, received an outpouring of support from both their fellow BTS members and close celebrity friends.

The send-off ceremony at the training center was a touching moment as all BTS members gathered to express their encouragement and well-wishes for RM and V. The strong camaraderie among the group was evident as they stood united in support of their comrades taking the next step in their journey.

Beyond the BTS circle, RM and V were also embraced by their celebrity friends who took to social media to share their sentiments. Park Seo Joon, a close friend of V and a member of the Wooga Squad, posted a photo capturing the moment when the squad, including Park Hyung Sik, Peakboy, and Choi Woo Shik, warmly greeted V and playfully patted his newly shorn hair. Park Seo Joon’s Instagram caption read, “Makdaengyi (referring to V being the youngest member), return safely.”

Meanwhile, RM’s friend and artist JNKYRD shared a photo of RM, and Balming Tiger’s San Yawn compiled a series of pictures with RM, expressing gratitude with a simple “Thanks” and sharing a group photo on his Instagram Stories.

The enlistment of RM and V marks the beginning of a significant chapter in their lives, as they join the military to fulfill their mandatory service. The BTS journey continues with Jimin and Jungkook set to enlist on December 12, following the footsteps of their fellow members.

Anticipation looms over the future, with expectations that all BTS members will complete their military service and reunite by June 2025. As fans navigate this period of temporary separation, the unwavering support from both BTS and their celebrity friends serves as a testament to the strong bonds that tie them together, transcending the boundaries of the entertainment industry.

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