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Can Song Joong Ki “carry” ‘Reborn Rich’ without Lee Sung Min?

Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), who was taken from the inheritance, was changed by Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) before his death in episode 14 of Reborn Rich.
Following Lee Sung Min’s departure following his character’s death in episode 13, Kim Hyun, who portrayed Lee Pil Ok, the true perpetrator of the traffic accident, also left the drama later. episode 14. It’s because Jin Do Joon assisted Lee Pil Ok in fleeing to another country before she was detained as a murder suspect by authorities.
The focus of episode 14 changes away from Jin Do Joon and toward Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je Moon), who became president of Sunyang Holdings Association with the assistance of chief secretary Lee Hang Jae (Jeong Hee Tae) and Jin Dong (Jo Han Chul).
Song Joong Ki also had an excellent counterattack in this episode. He acquired a fortune as Jin Do Joon by selling Jin Yang Chul’s $600 million hidden estate and 2% shares in Sunyang C&T that he obtained by taking advantage of the situation.
Viewers, on the other hand, cannot escape feeling depressed with a Reborn Rich sans Lee Sung Min. Song Joong Ki’s and the other actors’ performance appears to lack the weight required to sustain the degree of immersion. The audience can plainly sense how much Lee Sung Min’s presence has contributed to the drama’s popularity at this juncture.

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Lee Sung Min came briefly in the most recent show via a video clip of him modifying his will, yet even that limited presence time created a profound effect. Jin Yang Chul grinned brightly and proudly after explaining the reason for leaving nothing to his nephew Jin Do Joon “My grandson’s name is Do Joon. The grandchild most closely resembles me.” Everyone in the audience was affected by this scene.
Reborn Rich is only two episodes away from its conclusion. The next episodes will show who Jin Do Joon can purchase Sunyang from, who killed Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) before reincarnating as Jin Do Joon, and how the romance ends. Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been) and Jin Do Joon’s relationship.
However, viewers are concerned that Reborn Rich would become uninteresting without Lee Sung Min, and they anticipate the drama to evolve perfectly thanks to Song Joong Ki’s efforts. Nobody can doubt Lee Sung Min’s unparalleled aura as he became the center of the tale. The spotlight is on Song Joong Ki’s acting performance in the final two episodes.



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