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Compared with BLACKPINK when wearing tight dresses that flatter her curves, sexy Rosé overwhelms Jennie?

BLACKPINK beauties are famous for their beautiful beauty, outstanding talent and unique fashion sense. Each item they put on quickly becomes a hot item sought after by family members. Everyone is beautiful and luxurious, so who will be more impressive when compared with the same item? Specifically, the item we are talking about today is a tight skirt.
Body-hugging dresses are inherently complicated items to wear because they will fully flaunt the owner’s curves. If you don’t have a body with perfect curves and a slim figure, it’s hard for the beauties to wear this item beautifully. So let’s try to compare when wearing tight skirts; which beauties in BLACKPINK will confirm the most impressive body class? Will Jennie – a well-dressed celebrity – score excellent points in this competition?
1. Jennie
Jennie is famous for her sexy body, dubbed “no excess fat”. Since her debut, she has made many impressions when wearing tight skirts that flatter her curves thoroughly.
The dress models that Jennie wears have also quickly become a hot trend bought by family members. Jennie has a slim waist and a total bust, so her body will be thoroughly enhanced when wearing a tight skirt. Jennie makes many people jealous from the front angle because of her beautiful body, like a real-life doll.
However, Jennie also had an accident with a tight skirt. Specifically, the female idol has a relatively modest 3rd round, so this disadvantage will be evident at the side angle, making the sexy look less. In addition, Jennie also revealed her not-so-thin bust when wearing a tight skirt.
2. Rose
If I had to choose who wore the most beautiful tight dress in BLACKPINK, it would only be Rosé. Rosé has a slim and slim figure, but her body proportions are incredibly perfect, and her curves are precise. Because of that, she can quickly wear tight-fitting dresses that bring a sense of both sexy and luxury. Whether from a side view or a frontal view, the female idol still scores points with a well-balanced body and precise curves that make many girls dream and fall in love.
3. Lisa
Lisa owns long legs, standard proportions, but the 3rd round is relatively modest. Therefore, when wearing a tight skirt, she often applies additional tricks such as crossing her legs, curving her hips or choosing clothes with stylized designs to create a feeling that her breasts look fuller and sexier.
4. Jisoo
Jisoo has quite sexy hips with precise curves, but she has the disadvantage of 2 pieces of bread. Therefore, when wearing a tight skirt, the stylist needs to pay a little attention to the material and design and avoid choosing non-glossy fabric skirts – both revealing the disadvantages of the body and creating a feeling of inferiority, not suitable for the position of the bride. Female idol. Stylists should also prioritize choosing Jisoo items with more stylized details in the second round to create a feeling that the female idol’s body looks slimmer and more eye-catching.



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