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‘Confession of Divorced Family’: Park Hae-jin Reconnects with His Mother After 16-7 Years.

In a touching revelation on the SBS variety show ‘My Little Old Boy’ (also known as ‘Miu Bird’), South Korean actor Park Hae-jin opened up about his poignant family history, shedding light on his enduring bond with his loved ones.

The episode, which aired on the 13th, featured Park Hae-jin as a guest, and actress Park Hye-jin as a special MC. Park Hye-jin brought warmth to the set, showing up with a thoughtful gift of baked goods. The cast and hosts were charmed by her gesture, noting that she had an instant connection with the maternal figures present.

During the show, an interesting familial connection was revealed. Kim Jong-guk’s mother inquired about Park Hae-jin’s own mother and her current endeavors. Park Hae-jin shared that his mother had requested him to obtain contact information for Kim Jong-guk’s mother, highlighting the unexpected bond between the two families. It was unveiled that Kim Jong-guk’s mother had dined with Park Hae-jin in the past, and he expressed gratitude for her company.

Park Hae-jin, a seasoned actor who recently celebrated the 17th anniversary of his debut, reminisced about his breakthrough role in the 2006 drama ‘7 Princesses’. His popularity skyrocketed with his charismatic portrayal of a younger man declaring his affections. Furthermore, the show’s host, Shin Dong-yeop, was astonished by Park Hae-jin’s immense popularity in China, where he became the first Korean to have a postage stamp issued in his honor—a testament to his significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Amidst the heartwarming anecdotes and celebratory moments, Park Hae-jin chose this platform to share a deeply personal aspect of his life. He revealed that his parents had undergone a divorce during his childhood, leading to years of separation. “When I was young, my parents lived separately,” he confessed, a sentiment that had persisted for decades.

Despite the challenges, Park Hae-jin found solace in his relationship with his mother and sister’s family. He disclosed that he had spent 16 to 17 years living with his mother and had continued to do so up to the present day. This connection, nurtured through shared experiences and unwavering love, underscored the resilience of family bonds, proving that even amidst the trials of divorce, enduring connections can emerge and flourish.

As Park Hae-jin’s story unfolded on ‘My Little Old Boy’, viewers were reminded of the importance of family ties, the strength of love in overcoming adversity, and the beauty of rekindling relationships long thought lost.

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