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Contrasting Vibes: BTS and ITZY Shine at Shared Filming Location.

Different K-Pop groups often utilize the same shooting spots, yet each group crafts a distinct atmosphere within those settings. BTS unveiled their highly anticipated music video, “Permission to Dance,” in July 2021. Dressed in cowboy-inspired outfits, the members injected hope into a desolate desert backdrop, creating an aura of optimism for the future.

Interestingly, this seemingly arid “desert” is, in fact, an untouched expanse of land near Incheon International Airport in Korea, as revealed by behind-the-scenes photos. In stark contrast, ITZY exuded fervor and determination at the very same location. The group embraced a rebellious outlaw persona, confidently proclaiming their unapologetic nature with the phrase, “not shy.”

While “Permission to Dance” radiates sunshine and carefree spirit, ITZY’s “Not Shy” emanates scorching heat and intensity. These music videos both stand as artistic masterpieces that compel viewers to jump to their feet and dance along!

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