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Controversy about Nayeon (Twice) being compared to Jennie (BlackPink)

Recently, Kpop “big man” JYP Entertainment announced that on June 24, the main vocalist of Twice – Im Nayeon would officially debut as a solo artist after 7 years of operation. This information quickly attracted the audience’s attention because Nayeon will be the group’s first member to go solo.
Not only that, Nayeon is famous for being a prominent face in the Kpop world when possessing beautiful beauty, a unique voice and stable dancing skills. Therefore, the female singer’s fans can’t help but be happy because they are about to cheer for the idol in a new role.
To promote the “house chicken”, JYP started to release the first teaser images. Accordingly, viewers can easily see that Nayeon will pursue a feminine, luxurious, and seductive style. The highlight of the female idol in the photo is the sexy makeup, sharp cat-eyeliner and soft curly hair – a relatively different look compared to the previous Nayeon.
However, after the teaser photo was released, Nayeon’s image was quickly compared with Jennie’s and the concept of MV Solo. This song brought back many remarkable achievements for rapper BlackPink. People also think the concept that the singer born in 1995 pursues has many similarities with the image of Jennie taken in W Korea magazine in November 2020.


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This issue was immediately discussed on social networking platforms. Many people commented that from the image to the colour of Nayeon’s solo products, it was easy for them to think of Jennie. At the same time, they added that although Jennie does not own the exclusive rights to this concept, nor is she the first to do it, she is the one who made it famous.
Netizens quickly left many comments, “Jennie didn’t come up with the style, concept or makeup, but she popularized it through her solo debut because it suits her perfectly. . So, when I first saw Nayeon’s teaser, I immediately thought of Jennie”, “If you don’t want to be compared with others, do something different”, “I’m not a Jennie fan or Nayeon, but the teasers really remind me of Jennie. Anyway, I hope Nayeon has a successful solo debut”, “Turns out I’m not the only one who feels like Solo”, “I thought Jennie came back”…
On the contrary, opinions also defend Cheer up members and think this is just a coincidence. “Im Nayeon is Im Nayeon, unlike anyone else, she also worked hard, put in a lot of time and effort”, “Im Nayeon is unique, not a copy of anyone”, “Nayeon is very beautiful, this solo will be successful”, “Both Jennie and Nayeon are gorgeous and I support them both. You guys are not used to Nayeon’s new makeup style. She always looks like that,” everyone shared.


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Besides, some fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with JYP’s unprofessional way of working. Although known as one of the leading entertainment companies in Kpop, JYP has repeatedly criticized ” chickens ” for often building images similar to other artists. Here is not the first time that Nayeon has been caught up in the suspicion of “plagiarizing” Jennie. In December 2021, during Twice’s fourth world tour concert in Seoul (Korea), Nayeon’s “girl crush” style and hairstyle made the online community think of Jenny.
On the other hand, although often compared, Jennie and Nayeon are still good friends in everyday life. The two have known each other since they were trainees. They also often interact and greet each other when participating in domestic award shows.



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