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Controversy about the fact that Jisoo – Blackpink plays “Snowdrop” as a favored strength?

“Snowdrop” is a Korean film set in Seoul in 1987. The work revolves around Young Cho (Jisoo) – a young female student who accidentally saves Im Suho (Jung Hae In) – a student of a prestigious university sound when he suddenly rushed into the girl’s dormitory in an injured state.
Young Cho hid him and cared for his wounds even in the face of danger under close supervision.
From the launch of this project until now, the work has received a lot of attention from the audience. Besides a part of fans looking forward to the female idol’s movie, many people doubt that Jisoo got this lead role because of her ability or buying the role.
Accordingly, many people believe that the female idol comes from the top Kpop group; that’s why her leading role in this movie is due to the “back” from the YG entertainment company.
However, recently, the director of “Snowdrop” has answered the long-standing controversy. He said that at first, the crew did not want to choose a new person to take on the role of Youngro (the female lead). Accordingly, when the script has not been completed, it is difficult for the crew to imagine what Youngro will be, and the actor must be the one to complete this character.
However, when the male director met Jisoo, he was sure that the female idol was the female character image that the film crew wanted. “And so we decided to cast her right away without any hesitation,” added the male director.
Accordingly, this director also said that there is no favor for Jisoo when playing this role even though she is a famous female idol.
He also asked Jisoo to tell the company that she wanted to try this role. After that, the management company agreed, and Jisoo also officially entered the days of filming and learning continuously to perfect the work.

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