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Crash Landing On You Holds a Musical Version, This Actor Replaces Hyun Bin, His Charm Is No Less Charismatic.

The drama Crash Landing on You, starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin 2019, will be reworked into a musical version.
The series aired on tvN has gained popularity in many countries, especially in Asia.
At the end of its broadcast, CLOY achieved a rating of 21.6 percent and became one of the highest-rated dramas in 2020.
The series will be expanded into a musical as a hit drama in the market.
This idea is the result of collaboration between Pop Music and T2N Media with Studio Dragon, the holder of the global publishing rights for the drama Crash Landing on You.
“We finalized an agreement for publication rights with Studio Dragon, and we plan to start selecting the main staff and casting. We will do our best to do a good project,” said Kim Jin Seok, CEO of Pop Music, as quoted by Soompi.
The musical Crash Landing on You will tell the story of Captain Ri, the son of a prominent military general in North Korea, who falls in love with Yoon Seri, the heir to the Chaebol family from South Korea, who accidentally gets into an accident on the border between the two countries.
Pop music is also preparing and has now revealed one of the official cast members for the show, which will be held from September 16 at the COEX Shinhan Card Artium in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
Launching from drama stars, Lee Jang Woo was chosen to play the North Korean soldier Captain Ri Jung Hyuk, and Hyun Bin played the original version.
Not inferior to Hyun Bin’s charm, actor Lee Jang Woo captivates through his melodious voice, charming visuals, and capable acting skills.
The actor, born on June 1, 1986, started his foray into entertainment in 2006 through minor roles in the dramas Hello Franceska and 90 Days, Time to Love.
In 2010 he had time to follow the variety show We Got Married and was paired with T-ara’s Eunjung, which made his name reap the spotlight.
Lee Jang Woo has starred in many Korean drama titles, where every championship he has played has also won the best rating in Korea.
Among them is Smile Again, Glory Jane, Here Comes Oh Ja Ryong, I Do Pretty Man, Graceful Family, and finally, Homemade Love Story in 2020.
Not only acting, but Lee Jang Woo also has a melodious voice that makes his charm even more spilled.
In 2009, the actor who graduated from Seokyeong University appeared as a member of the KPOP group called 24/7 along with two other actors, No Min Woo and Hyun Woo.
Unfortunately, this boy group had to disband after releasing its first single.
However, Lee Jang Woo’s singing and acting career continue.
Versatile, Lee Jang Woo has also been an MC for Music Bank in 2012 with UEE and has been a KPOP music video model several times.
Lee Jang Woo’s career in the South Korean entertainment industry is brilliant.
No wonder he became the right choice as a replacement for Hyun Bin for the captain character Ri Crash Landing on You in the musical version, considering that the show requires adequate voice and acting skills.



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