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Definition of Rich and Young, RM BTS Surprises Fans with the Price of His Art Collection.

RM BTS is one of the idols known for its love of art. Because of his love, RM always posts things related to art.
Whether it’s a trip to a museum or items with artistic value, RM recently went to the Art Basel exhibition in Switzerland.
Attending this exhibition is one of RM’s long-standing desires; he documented his journey in BTS’ Vlogs on the BangtanTV YouTube Channel. RM also posted new photos on his personal Instagram. In the post, RM shows the artwork he has at home.
A large glass statue, placed beside the window of the house with the caption Untitled (but the Boomerang I returned was not the same as the one I threw.”) Roni Horn, 2013-2017.
But what surprised netizens were the price of RM’s artwork.
It is known that the item is a work of art that was sold through the Xavier Hufkens gallery in 2021 in Belgium.
This unique item is sold for 1.2 million USD. Netizens also found other facts regarding the glass statue, which was made in 2013, when BTS debuted.
Not only the glass statue in RM’s house but many other works of art are of fantastic value.
Knowing the price of the item, netizens joked that RM’s house should not be used as a gathering place for BTS members.
Netizens forget that BTS members are rich and that they must have items at fantastic prices.
With the humility shown by Namjoon, it’s not surprising that netizens forget that BTS members are idols who are included in the rich idols.



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