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Defying Breakup Rumors, ‘I’m Solo’ Stars Oksoon and Gwangsoo Celebrate Their Wedding.

In a delightful turn of events, the 15th episode stars of SBS Plus and ENA’s show ‘I’m Solo’, Oksoon and Gwangsoo, have tied the knot today, marking a new chapter in their lives. This union comes as a joyous culmination of their journey on the show, where they first met and connected.

Their relationship, which blossomed since their meeting in March last year, faced its share of trials. The couple had recently been embroiled in rumors of a split, stirred by their social media activities.

However, they quashed these rumors by appearing together on ENA/SBS Plus’ ‘I’m Solo, Afterwards Love Continues’, addressing the speculations head-on. Gwangsoo candidly shared their brief tiff, explaining that Oksoon’s way of dealing with issues involved unfollowing him on Instagram, which led to public speculation about their relationship status.

Despite these hurdles, their love prevailed. Gwangsoo, reminiscing about his humble beginnings in a small gosiwon, expressed his gratitude and commitment to giving back to society, a sentiment reflecting the depth of his character. He humorously compared the cost of his wedding hairstyle to his gosiwon’s rent, symbolizing the significant changes in his life.

Oksoon, on her part, acknowledged her tendency to worry about the future, even imagining scenarios as grave as death. She credits Gwangsoo for providing her with comfort and reassurance, helping her overcome her fears and look forward to their shared future.

Their rapid decision to marry, a mere 15 days into their relationship, was a bold move that surprised many. This decision, made during a country solo outing, exemplified their deep connection and readiness to commit to each other.

This joyous occasion, amidst overcoming personal challenges and public scrutiny, is a testament to their strong bond and mutual understanding. As they step into this new phase of life together, Oksoon and Gwangsoo continue to receive a wave of heartfelt congratulations and support from fans and well-wishers, all rooting for their happiness and success as a couple. Their story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that love can indeed conquer all.

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