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Different attractive lipstick shades of Blackpink member Jisoo.

What finishes an appearance? Accoutrements like shoes? Handbags? Not quite, I suppose. Lipstick is the only accessory in our world that completes an outfit or an outfit of the day. Red lipstick would make a baggy sweatshirt, sneakers, and denim slacks look more stylish than they otherwise would.
While there are other colors besides red that you can experiment with, we think classic is the best. You may wear as much black, purple, and bright green as you like, but there’s something about red, bare, and even brown colors that instantly elevate an ensemble to a ten. How about we get Jisoo of BLACKPINK fame to give you his approval if you don’t trust us with this?
The K-pop diva uses only tried-and-true hues when experimenting. She wouldn’t dress in a strange color like green or wear black on stage or at a red carpet event. Although she maintains a classy lip color, she doesn’t skimp on the glitter factor. We examine a few of the young star’s favorite lipstick hues in this post, which you should unquestionably try.
Red lipsticks are timeless, and Jisoo adores this particular color. She frequently wears siren red lipstick, and then she’s ready to go. There is no reason, in our opinion, not to try this timeless color.
Cherry is a color from the red palette you should check out without a doubt; it’s adorable and stylish, so do we need to offer you more of an excuse?
Although orange is an unusual color for a concert, Jisoo pulls it off with ease. If you like something with a more cooper tinge than the brilliant orange tone, you can choose it from the same color palette.
There isn’t anything better to round off your outfit than a nude tone, right Jisoo? Invest in bare-lips lipstick to complete your regular attire



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