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Discover the Heartwarming Story Behind Son Ye Jin’s Charitable Bazaar: How Her Generosity Turned Profits into Hope.

On January 13th, Son Ye Jin shared on Instagram that she had donated 40 million won to a social welfare organization, following her recent charitable bazaar. The funds will be used to support people with developmental disabilities.

Son Ye Jin expressed, “Hello everyone! It’s 2024! We successfully completed the charity bazaar! What could be more fulfilling than seeing a small idea blossom and yield results?

To make this happen, there were numerous meetings organized by the team at MSteam Entertainment. This led us to the heroes at Bunjang company! They were instrumental in our success. Also, a special shoutout to Areum at INTREND and the best manager Sarang. Thank you for generously donating your time and skills.

Above all, I had the chance to meet my fans in person!! I felt so happy and moved. It was wonderful to see everyone healthy and well!

What a delightful way to start 2024! I hope you all have a year filled with huge successes!

P.S. We raised nearly 40 million KRW and made the donation on a very special day! ”
The donation was funded by the proceeds of a bazaar hosted by Son Ye Jin on January 7th, and the contribution was made on January 11th.

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