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Do Jisoo and Lisa (Blackpink) deserve to be criticized for being weak and discriminating?

Accordingly, the noise from Korean Rolling Stone’s article about the global girl group Blackpink still interests the audience.
The reason is that fans think that two members, Lisa and Jisoo, are being used by Korean Rolling Stone with disrespectful, even discriminatory, words against these two female idols.
Accordingly, when talking about Jisoo, Korean Rolling Stone wrote about Blackpink’s eldest sister with the implication of less prominent talent in the group. Therefore, Korean Rolling Stone said that Jisoo does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer. Still, her maturity is becoming more and more prominent. However, fans believe that despite complimenting Jisoo’s progress, Korean Rolling Stone is deliberately comparing the less talented female idol to the rest of the group.
This caused Blackpink fans to argue fiercely because they think each group member has their own strengths, which cannot be compared.
As for the youngest Lisa, Korean Rolling Stone has used many phrases with many sensitive meanings, implying that she is a foreign idol, so her pronunciation or singing will not be fluent… Fans also understand this. Reacted for claiming that Rolling Stone Korea discriminated against Lisa.
After this article, the hashtags about Lisa and Jisoo took turns taking the top position on Twitter globally. Facing fierce protests from fans, Rolling Stone Korea had to correct the information and apologize to the two YG artists.
The representative of Rolling Stone Korea said that they have listened, read, and absorbed the comments on Blackpink’s recent article. Rolling Stone Korea admitted that they used inappropriate words and contextual choices that led to this misunderstanding.
Accordingly, the revised article will be available on the official website of Rolling Stone Korea.



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