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Does Son Ye Jin have such a good personality that even ‘big sister’ Kim Hye Soo favors her?

Kim Hye Soo is famous as one of the most powerful female stars in the entertainment industry of kimchi. She not only possesses a youthful and attractive appearance but also has impressive acting ability. Besides, Kim Hye Soo is known as “KBiz’s scary big sister” because she often keeps a cool attitude when facing her colleagues and juniors.

But with Son Ye Jin, it’s completely different. Every time she has the opportunity to meet, Kim Hye Soo always has a bright smile and special affection for this beautiful and extremely charming sister. When standing together on stage, Hye Soo will often be caught giving Ye Jin an affectionate look. She also surprised the audience when she repeatedly showed her warm interest in Hyun Bin’s wife.

The image of Kim Hye Soo holding hands or hugging Son Ye Jin excited the online community. Not only being intimate at events, Hye Soo and Son Ye Jin also happily meet and dine together. It can be seen that the relationship between the two is impressive, not just social.

Many viewers think that to win Kim Hye Soo’s heart, Son Ye Jin must be friendly, polite, and skillful. It is known that Hyun Bin’s wife has made the audience admire her many times because of her beautiful personality and pure heart.

At 52, Kim Hye Soo is still happily enjoying her single life. She actively participates in film projects but is not passionate about love or peace of mind. Kim Hye Soo’s most recent film Under The Queen’s Umbrella is also storming the Korean screen. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin has a happy marriage with Hyun Bin. She is pregnant with her first child and is expected to give birth in December.




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